Choosing Pot As Bonsai Tree Care

bonsai tree care

bonsai tree careDo you think that bonsai does not need specific pot for it? You should not think like that anymore because every bonsai tree requires different pot. It is not only a matter of appearance that many people tell you. It is also for the well-being of those bonsai trees. Therefore, it is necessary to consider some ways to get the best quality of bonsai trees that you want. The first thing that you should note when it comes to bonsai tree care with pot is whether the pot meets the minimal requirement to be a bonsai pot. There are some requirements of bonsai pot as you may expect, and here is the list of them

Bonsai Tree Care With Its Pot

The first requirement is absolutely drainage under the pot. The drainage is essential because you may be overwatering especially if you just start taking care of bonsai trees. Additionally, it is also important to know that the drainage hole can be used to fix your bonsai trees in place. You will use wire for binding the soil, the tree, and the pot for avoiding a ridiculous accident. Bonsai tree care with pot also requires specific material for bonsai’s health. It is achieved by using pot made of a material that does not absorb water.

In order to get special bonsai pots, you definitely need to contact people who can make a custom pot. Of course, you need the basic design first. You can obtain that from a forum that talks about bonsai tree care.  If you do not need such customized pot, it is also possible to just go straight to bonsai nursery for getting the most suitable bonsai tree that you want. In the end, you should not only consider the pot that is healthy for your trees. However, it also counts how good it looks.

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