Clean Up Liver

Health care

Health careThe liver is the most important organs that have important functions. The liver is a detoxification organ that very important for your body. These detoxification make you throw up all the bad things inside your body so that you can avoid some sickness. These livers help you to clean up your body so that there is no more toxic inside your body, this liver also help you for your digestion so that you will not have constipation. Keeping your liver in the good condition means that you also take care your healthy body. You protect your body from a strange and bad substance that might come into your body. That’s why you need to keep your liver from those things.

There are so many herbals that could help you in other to protect your liver. Dandelion roots or taraxacum officials are good for your liver. This is the medical flowers that could help you clean up your liver from the toxins. You can make a capsule from the dandelion roots around 200-300 mg. The other medical flowers that good for you is milk thistle or silybin maria num. The essence of this flower is protected your liver from the substance that will make your liver in danger. you can get the essence from this plant around 140 mg for cleaning up and the protection of your liver.

Turmeric also good for your liver too. Turmeric or also named as Curcuma longa is the spices that used in India to make their popular dishes which is curry. Turmeric helped the liver to have the new regeneration of its cell. Turmeric also cleans up the liver from the toxins that come into your body. Turmeric also increased the production of the gall and helping them to decrease the liver infection. You can mix turmeric with your meals so that it will give you those benefits.

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