Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

Health tips

Health tipsHave you ever skip your breakfast? Are you never get breakfast? Some people may skip their breakfast because the reasons like there are no time for cooking and preparing breakfast, fear of being late, even ordinary breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is important for our body to start the day because the body need fuel for your activities. So, how dangerous if you skip breakfast in the morning? Let’s check this articles.

The Effect Of Skipping The Breakfast.

There are some effect will you get if you skip your breakfast, and you will get some damages for your health, of course. These are some of the impacts that you get if you skip your breakfast. The first impact if you skip the breakfast is you will obese because if you skip your breakfast your body will very hungry and you will eat more while lunch. The second impact is you can decrease your intelligence if skip the breakfast. Skip the breakfast can decrease your concentration and problems solving skill that important for everyone. The third impact is you can get mag if you always skip your breakfast. Without food supply that you get in breakfast your stomach will produce gastric acid more and more, and you will get the mag.

Besides these impacts, there are another impact that you gets if you skip your breakfast. So, it is important for you to having breakfast to beginning your day. Besides that, you should pay more attention for the meals that you consume for breakfast. For breakfast, don’t drink milk without other meals, spicy meals, friend-meals, and etc. Make sure that you consume nutritional meals for your breakfast, it’s contained by carbohydrate, protein, mineral, proteins and another nutrition that your body need. Let’s starts a healthy life with breakfast for your day, that’s all you can learn for the healthy tips. Thank you.

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