Menu for Military Diet Day 2

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Best Diet TipsFor you who are interested in trying military diet and want to know the menu for military diet day 2, you are currently on the right page. Here, we are able to read the exact menu that is recommended for military diet. As we know, military diet is one of the effective diets that is able to accomplish within a short period of times. This diet is supposed to finish within three days. And here are the menus for the second and third day of the military diet.

Menu for Military Diet Day 2 and Day 3

Let’s begin with day 2. In the second day of your military diet, you are supposed to eat for three times as well. In this case, for the breakfast, you should prepare for one piece of bread, one boiled egg, and a strawberry. Next, on your lunchtime, you are expected to get another egg, crackers, and cheese for military diet day 2. After that, you should prepare five menus for your dinner time. In this case, you should eat two pieces of hot dogs, vanilla ice cream, a cup of broccoli, a cup of carrot and a banana for your dinner.

Moving on to the day 3, you are going to eat three times as well on the third day. At this state, you should consume an apple, one piece of cheddar cheese and five spoons of cream crackers for breakfast. Then, for the lunch, you should eat whole wheat bread and a boiled egg. Later, on the dinner time, you are supposed to consume tuna, strawberry and a cup of ice cream. Those are the main menu for military diet on the second and third day. In case you want to substitute it, you can do it as long as you know what the best substitutes for the menu of military diet day 2.

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