Play Store Tips And Tricks

play store

play storeIt is no secret that Google Play Store has turned out to be the main app in any Android devices. Considering that most of Android users use Google Play as their marketplace to get app, game and even eBook, this app has become an integral part of any Android device. However, many users only use this app to get a new app or update their installed app. To make sure that you get the most of your shopping in this app, here are some tips and tricks that you should know.

Play Store Tips And Tricks You Should Know

First of all, let’s see the trick to install an app which is not available in your country. You may have ever tried to install an app, but the screen shows you that the app you want to install is not available in your country. At this point, you can use VPN as a solution to access Play Store. VPN is Virtual Private Network which makes it possible for you to get secure internet connection through a private network which is located outside your current area. You need to download VPN from the country that has access toward the app which you want to install.

Then, you can also manage your applications in Google Play. If you do not want to update an app one by one, you can manage it by accessing “My Apps and Games” menu. Here, you can choose “Update All” to automatically update all the apps and games that you have installed before. Then, there is also possible for you to do parental lock on this app. You can simply go to the Settings menu then tap Parental Controls to switch it on. Those are a few tips and tricks for using Play Store that you should know.

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