Prevention In Cancer Disease

Health life

Health lifeToday, cancer becomes one of the most cause of death for people both in developed and developing countries. It can be divided into more than one hundred types regardless the location. When it attacks the breast it is called breast cancer. While it is located in lung, then it is called lung cancer. Basically, cancer is not a hereditary disease so that people do not need to be worried they will die with the same cause as any family member that suffers from this disease in average.

But, cancer is related to the way they live. Therefore, when people have historical in the family that some members have cancer, they should pay more attention. Go to the doctors to check the latest condition is essential. However, the survival rate in the early stage of the period, it can be easily cured. Surgery can be done as an option to remove the abnormal cell out of bodies. As for the stage increases significantly, people can do chemotherapy to kill the abnormal cell. Besides that, cancer is also related to the immunity system inside the body. While the body having good immunity system, the more stages of cancer can be postponed and stopped well no matter would that means.

To determine the early stage, it requires people sensitivity to feel the change in their bodies no matter would that means. Touching the bodies softly can be done to avoid the further stage they will have. Meanwhile, since the progression of cancer growth can be supported by the good condition in surroundings, people should take minimalist portion in taking pollution. Having good life by taking good meals, regular exercise, stop smoking, no more drinking alcoholic sound to be realistic to do. Even though the certain cause of cancer can not be determined, people can avoid further bad effects.

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