Streaming Music Is Simple Things, But How Much Data Does Streaming Music Use?

How Much Data Does Streaming Music UseWhile listening to music is a popular hobby, you need to download or use music application to stream a music in order to listen to music. But, how much data does streaming music use? Are you curious on how much data you will lose, per songs you stream? You need to realize that streaming is not cheap. You need to burn a decent amount of data per song if you do music streaming. Although the streaming is very easy, and simple. You just need to push the buttons, wait some seconds, and the music will be played. The music application usually free to use, although there are some strict restriction and premium features that you need to purchase.

How Much Data Does Streaming Music Use, Each Music Listen To The Session And Each Day?

In order to calculate on how much data does streaming music use? at first, we need to know the average data consumption of streaming music per minutes. Although there are different data consumption between each music application. But the average data consumption per minutes is 4 MB per minutes. The usual pop songs have 3-4 minutes, we multiply 4 per minutes with 4 Minutes. That means we use 16 MB per 4 minutes’ songs. And if we listen to music for 30 minutes, we will lose 120 MB. That’s quite decent data, and how about the road trip? if we stream music on road trip, if we are on the road trip for 6 hours, and while on the road we stream music, we will lose nearly 1 GB so, it’s a huge amount of data consumption.

In conclusion, Streaming is cool, but you need to watch out your data usage. If you connect to Wi-Fi or have a huge amount of internet data, you should be fine. But still how much data does streaming music use is a difficult question. Since the answer depends on what music application do you use.