IPhone 7 Manual And Setup Guide

iPhone 7 ManualAs you unbox your new iPhone 7, you will need to read iPhone 7 manual to start seeing the phone for the first time. In this case, you may need to perform some phone setups for first time usage. It may include something like setting Wi-Fi connection, adding your email account and more. To perform all of these things, manual and setup guide is needed. In case you do not get any manual book to guide you on setting up the phone for the first time, check this out!

Complete IPhone 7 Manual And Setup Guide

Setting up your phone is important if you have just got your new phone. Since it is new, you may like to change all the setting to your preference. To get the most of this phone, you can begin with adjusting the redesigned home button on this phone. On most iPhone 7 manual, you may find out that the home button for this new iPhone is being redesigned. In this case, you can adjust it to make it adjusted to your style. Furthermore, you may like to add some widgets to your lock screen. There will be some helpful widgets that you may like to put on the lock screen.

Besides, there are a few more basic settings which you need to follow as you set your phone at first. Let’s say something like changing its preferred language and location service. You need to set it up to follow your actual condition. Then, it is also not impossible for you to set alarm for the first time once you set your phone. Since time is money, you may want to get more alarmed for everything. Now, for you who have not got iPhone 7 manual, you can download the manual PDF ion this site.